New Quartet Well Worth the Time
It's always a pleasure to witness the birth of a talented young chamber music ensemble. That was the case last Friday at Wesley Church in Bethlehem, where the Dalí Quartet performed in the second concert of its life. I can only wonder if the old principle "I haven't heard of it, so it can't be worth my time" was in operation. If so, then the adherents to this sort of nonsense lost an opportunity to hear a truly challenging and well-played program.

The Dalí Quartet was established last fall by four young players - one originally from Cuba and the others from Venezuela - who are pursuing musical careers in this country. ...

The program they performed would have challenged any ensemble: Turina's "La oracion del torero", the Quartet in E-flat Major, K. 428 by Mozart; Shostakovich's Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 110, and Piazzolla's "Four, for Tango."

The quartet already has achieved a rich, highly integrated and balanced sound. ...their playing exhibited a high level of technical competence and musical understanding...

Philip A. Metzger, The Morning Call
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