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Programas Educacionales
Educational Programs & Community Engagement

Dalí Quartet visits Rosa Parks Elementary – watch

The Dalí String Quartet places special importance on educational programming for students and the community. The group skillfully engages audiences of all ages. Its inspiring and fun presentations make chamber music accessible. In addition, the quartet's ability to present any program in Spanish or English and its rich knowledge of Venezuela's miracle music education movement "El Sistema" provides presenters and educators a unique opportunity to cultivate new audiences for classical music. The following programs are adaptable, and the quartet works closely with presenters and educators to customize programs for each community engagement project.

"They can use Latin American tangos to engage with audiences of varying ethnic backgrounds and then later connect them to the traditional quartet repertoire ...."
- Jeri Lynn Johnson, Music Director, Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra

"The key to their success is that the musicians sense the nature of the audience first and then craft a program to meet the specific needs and abilities of that audience." - Alice Anne Schwab, Director of Education, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra "... generous, outgoing individuals.... educational concerts for our young audiences... original and breathtaking experiences for our most sophisticated patrons."
- Tamara Cass, Executive Director, Meadowlark Music Festival


Do you enjoy Latin beat? Do you like salsa dancing? This interactive 45-minute program takes participants on a journey of different rhythms and melodies including Argentinean Tangos, Cuban Boleros, Caribbean Rumbas, and Venezuelan Joropos. Audiences will learn various rhythmic patterns, dance steps and the origin of many of these genres and how they relate to and influence Western classical music.
• Ages: All - No musical experience needed to participate


The Dalí Quartet offers its popular Family Concerts at a variety of non-traditional settings such as parks, bookstores, libraries, cafés, etc. Sit back, relax and enjoy a 45-minute presentation with the whole family as the Dalí Quartet gets you dancing on the sidewalk with Latin-American rhythms and your favorite classics.
• Ages: All - No musical experience needed to participate


The Dalí Quartet offers chamber music and violin, viola and cello master classes for advanced High School and College students. Members of the quartet provide expert coaching and advice for aspiring classical musicians. Students will enjoy an inspiring and dynamic experience as they receive thoughtful and concrete feedback from diverse and accomplished musicians.
• Ages: Advance High School and College


Members of the Dalí Quartet taught and received their early music training through the acclaimed Venezuelan youth orchestra program "El Sistema." They will speak about their experiences and will lead a session discussing the importance of orchestral audition preparation. Some topics will include: Excerpt preparation, recording tips, practice routines, mock auditions and other relevant subjects. Through this program, members of the quartet will also discuss career opportunities in the field of music, college audition repertoire and college advice.
• Ages: Advanced High School


This interactive program introduces young audiences to the string family of instruments. The program highlights the unique qualities and techniques of playing a string instrument as well as composers who wrote for the instruments. Repertoire includes familiar classical music such as Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Camille Saint-Saëns' The Swan and Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumble Bee.
• Ages: K-12 - No musical experience required for participation


This interactive 45-minute program introduces students to the art of chamber music in a lecture or workshop format. From cue gestures to breathing and counting, a string quartet's performance is a cooperative team effort that requires the cohesive and balanced teamwork of four individuals. Chamber Music for All invites participants into the music making process by illuminating the importance of score understanding, voicing, ensemble techniques, dynamics, articulation and rhythmic precision in a dynamic and interactive experience.
• Ages: Middle School, High School or College Musical experience recommended for participants

Programas están disponibles en Inglés y Español
Program are available in English or Spanish More info: 301-277-8205

Posted: Mar-19-2021
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